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Q: I need to know if my current applications version are compatible with the newer ones, where can I found a compatibility table?

A: You can find a detailed table that describes Our Product Compatibility page describes which combinations of Opmantek products in our: Product Compatibility pageare tested and work well with what versions of NMIS and MongoDB.

Q: I'm not sure if I should upgrade, what can help me to decide?


A: Upgrading NMIS 8 to NMIS 9  is a pretty straight forward process. However, upgrading for from NMIS 8 apps to NMIS 9 apps require a bit more effort, for a complete guide on how to upgrade the application, please review:   Upgrading from NMIS8 compatible applications to NMIS9 compatible applications


A: Short answer is yes, but for older versions, if you have any of this versions installed on your system and want to upgrade, please refer  to this documentation: Upgrading Opmantek Applications



NMIS 88.7.1G or earlier version
opCharts 33.4.0 or earlier version
opConfig 3 3.4.0 or earlier version
opEvents 22.5.0 or earlier version
opHA 22.1.6 or earlier version
opReports 3 3.3.0 or earlier version
opFlow 3

3.0.16 or earlier version

opFlowSP 11.0.10 or earlier version

Q: Do I need a new licence after upgrading any of the NMIS 8 apps to a newer version?