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A code change in 1.8.2 in the windows script discover_subnet.vbs was made to correct an issue where not all discovered devices were being input into the database. The code was changed to submit the result for all devices in a discovery run at once, rather than individually. Unfortunately PHP on Windows seem's to have an issue with this and inconsistently simply stops the script.

We have reverted this code change and added a flag (set to 'y' by default) that submits each individual device found (as previously) but now the script will wait for the processing by the server to be completed before scanning and submitting the next device.

This slows down the discovery run but does seem to completely capture all devices as expected.

Along with the code patches to discover_subnet.vbs we have also made some code changes in the discovery.php controller such that now when a device is discovered, all three (if they exist) credential sets are tested for both SSH and WMI. The three possible credentials sets are those provided on the discovery form, the default set and any from a previously discovered device that have worked (device specific). Previously only SNMP was checked against all three credential sets. When we check these credentials, if we find one that works, we also poll the target device for the minimum amount of attributes (hostname, fqdn, UUID and OS family) so as we can better ensure we match an existing device in the database.

To apply the patch, download the files below and place them in:




Naturally these files will be included in our next release of Open-AudIT.



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