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  • Release Notes for Open-AudIT v3.1.2
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Released 2019-07-08

Linux SHA256:  1b3050aa2fd7e449b316688b187a6a3f75a45cac9cea911ec413e2052e97c543

Linux md5sum:  83042456dcab19598b321297bda3076e

Open-AudIT CommunityImprovementReset the log command output when returning from device::match for improved discovery_log.
Open-AudIT CommunityImprovementAdd a couple of stderr redirects to null for mariadb and nginx tests in
Open-AudIT CommunityImprovementRefactor and reformet wmi_helper for consistency and improved SMB2 auditing (default).
Open-AudIT CommunityImprovementRevise WMI Helper for better Windows password handling. Windows password CAN NOT contain single or double quotes from this point forward.
Open-AudIT CommunityImprovementAdd warning about quotes in Windows passwords on credentials dictionary item.
Open-AudIT CommunityBugFix mostly for Centos 6 (old bash) correctly parse URL (substitude discovery for logs).
Open-AudIT CommunityBugFix code error in function call for 3.0.2 upgrade.
Open-AudIT CommunityBugFix running a single device discovery from the device details screen.
Open-AudIT CommunityBugUse correct config variable for discovery_use_vintage_service in include_input_discoveries and discovery_helper.
Open-AudIT CommunityBugReplace all instances of ->config->item( with ->config->config[ to enable easy find/replace to avoid old PHP errors when using it in a return value (affects Centos).
Open-AudIT CommunityImprovementProvide details of working credential sets.
Open-AudIT CommunityImprovementAdd timezone from MySQL into the response->meta object.
Open-AudIT CommunityBugFix an upgrade from < 2.2.7 issue when exporting credentials from clouds table (which did not exist prior to 2.2.7).
Open-AudIT ProfessionalBugFix test on Audit My PC page to fail if default network address is localhost (or 127.).
Open-AudIT ProfessionalImprovementButtons on welcome page to be normal size and use text-wrap to be somewhat responsive.
Open-AudIT CloudImprovementOnly display link to OAC device if not running Cloud on devices_read template.
Open-AudIT CloudBugFix links in templates for cloud image items. Fix attempting to sort an empty array when getting custom images.
Open-AudIT CloudBugFix link to images when running on cloud in queries_execute template.
Open-AudIT CloudImprovementOnly show Feedback menu item if running Cloud.
Open-AudIT CloudImprovementAdd Feedback as a centered top level menu item.
Open-AudIT ProfessionalImprovementDisplay credential sets that have worked (last discovery) on the device details page.
Open-AudIT CollectorImprovementAdd the current date/time and timezone to collector dashboard.
Open-AudIT ProfessionalImprovementAdd timezone to current datetime display on tasks templates.
Open-AudIT ProfessionalImprovementTweak devices_read template to not wrap discovery log columns for timestamp and status.
Open-AudIT EnterpriseImprovementRemove debug dumper and provide default refresh time on clouds_read template.
Open-AudIT ProfessionalBugFix errors template to not error when no $response provided.
Open-AudIT CloudImprovementAdd cloud collector download to menu.
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