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ProfessionalImprovementdevices, groups, queriesShow a warning of X items of Y displayed because of either global configuration limit or passed specific limit.
ProfessionalImprovementdevicesShow X of Y when result is less than total. IE - (50 of 1000) when there are 1000 devices in the database, but only 50 displayed on the screen.
EnterpriseImprovementintegrationsImplement hard limit of 10,000 devices when running integrations. Previously it would have used the config item of page_size and by default be limited to 1,000 devices.
ProfessionalBugdiscoveriesUse correct original value, not hard coded 20 in discoveries_collection template -> queue_limit.
CommunityBugdiscoveries, devicesEnsure the array of mac addresses is unique when processing a device audit. Loop over the network table (as well as the IP table) for the prior array when matching. Improve message when not matching Mac, but Mac is a VMware Mac and match rule says not to.
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