I installed the program on a server.  Opened ports 80 and 443.  Changed the audit_windows.vbs file to

url = "http://external_IP_of_server/open-audit/index.php/input/devices

I run the audit and it shows the following.  I'll put   ……..   where I'm skipping lines.   It seems to run OK, even has the correct URL to submit the info and ends saying it worked.   However, nothing shows up in the database.


starting audit - .


Open-AudIT Windows audit script

Version: 2.2.6 ----------------------------

audit_dns: y

audit_mount_point: y

audit_netstat: s

audit_software: y

create_file: n


submit_online: y

system_id: url: http://ip address here/open-audit/index.php/input/devices

use_proxy: n



Submitting audit online

Audit Submitted

Total Execution Time:  79 seconds.


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    1 answer


      Likely Blessed Subnets. Disable them (not recommended), or add a few allowed networks (recommended).

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