Hello, I want to upgrade my Open-Audit from 3.2.2 to 3.3.2. But I can't find 3.3.2 installer to do it, only 3.5.0 avialable on the site. Do you know any way to upgrade Open-Audit from 3.2.2 to 3.3.2?

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      Due to licensing changes in the underlying libraries, we cannot legally distribute any versions of Open-AudIT prior to 3.5.0. Can I ask why you don't want to go to 3.5.0?

      1. Threat Inter

        We still use old license and at this moment can't change it (license ends in 2-3 weeks and after that we will buy new). But we want to try upgrade our Open-Audit to ensure that upgrading going ok.

      2. Mark Unwin

        In that case, depending on if you're using a VM or not...

        If you're using a VM, I would clone that and try upgrading the clone and use the "free" 20 device license.

        If you're on bare metal, I would backup the database and restore it into a VM with Open-AudIT installed. See wiki page - Reset, Backup and Restore the Open-AudIT database. Then use a new "free" 20 device license on the new (for testing) install.

        Either way you get to test the upgrade and don't need to be concerned about an ongoing license. The 20 device license will be fine to test with (most screens will simply display 20 devices and no more).

        You can also request a new license that will work for 3.4.0 and onward if you have a current license.

      3. Threat Inter

        Thank you for your answers

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