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  • Calculating and affecting Node degraded status
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The Events Table

All NMIS events are parsed through the Events table (Events.nmis).  One of the controls in that table is 'status'.  When the 'status' attribute of an event is set to False this event will not affect the Devices status.  See for more detail on the Events Table.

Type of Events

Degraded state is only impacted by "Alert" and "Proactive" events.  This means it excludes other event types such as Service events and Interface State events. 

The Status Summary calculation

The Degraded state is actually detected by evaluating if the "status_summary" value is less than or equal to 99.  The status_summary being a value from 0 to 100 which is calculated by diving the number of status objects which are not OK by the overall number of status objects.

To see what status objects a device has and what state they are in refer to the Node's "status" tab in the Node's widget in NMIS or the Node's Status Summary page if you have opCharts.


A device will always change to Degraded if one of it's Proactive or Alarm events are triggered UNLESS:

  1. That event has it's 'status' flag set to false in the Events.nmis table.
  2. It is an Interface or Service Down event.
  3. Your device has more than 100 status items and fewer than 1% of them are not in a Normal state.
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