Released 2018-04-18.


Open-AudIT 2.2 features the addition of Dashboards and their associated Widgets. We have also enabled Applications. You can define an application and associate it with devices.

We have refined the Linux based discoveries. There is a new menu entry for Support. in Professional and Enterprise with the ability to download the data as JSON (which we will ask customers send to us when required).

How do Dashboards and Widgets work?

Lots of good stuff in this release (smile)

Change Log

Open-AudITImprovementImproved host discovery from Linux

Czech language translation added (thanks p-bo).

Open-AudITImprovementDiscovery logging consistency fixes.
Open-AudITImprovementDo not consider an SNMP result by itself sufficient to determine that a host exists.

Add new fields to system table (end_of_life, end_of_service, asset_tag)


Add to xml output filter. Initial support for proxmox and lxc guests.

Open-AudIT ProfessionalFeatureDashboards and Widgets. A supporting page.
Open-AudIT ProfessionalFeatureSupport page at menu -> Help -> Support with export button.
Open-AudIT ProfessionalFeature

Ability to show shipped default queries, groups, widgets, et al. menu -> Help -> Defaults

Open-AudIT ProfessionalImprovementAllow a user to edit selected fields on their own account.
Open-AudIT ProfessionalBug

Thoroughly vet all templates to ensure escaping and prevent XSS.

Errata - 2.1 Security Update, March 2018

Open-AudIT ProfessionalBug

Add a config item to escape CSV exported collections to prevent MS Excel from attempting to run the data as if it was code.

Errata - 2.1 Security Update, April 2018

Open-AudIT ProfessionalBugFix bug in manual task runner code.
Open-AudIT ProfessionalBugFixed package names bug in installer for RH / Centos 7 (MariaDB-Server and perl-Time-Modules).
Open-AudIT ProfessionalImprovementAdd more application requirements tests. Enable output on support page.
Open-AudIT EnterpriseFeatureApplications endpoint.
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