Released 2018-11-05

Linux md5sum: 067c9a59e67b13d09c80c44c57112a03

Linux SHA256: 3380e6043299718f8dde22f33d6f7a07019e962152abb5bbd6d59ceafbb0bc2c


NOTE - Open-AudIT 2.3.0 is a preview release and not generally available.

Open-AudIT 2.3.0 introduces a feature preview for Racks and Clouds. See the linked pages for more information.

Open-AudITImprovementLimit acceptable subnmet characters in discovery subnet attribute.
Open-AudITBugIN in upper case not working in URL filter
Open-AudITImprovementAdd note when returned list is truncated by database_show_row_limit or page_size
Open-AudITImprovementBetter error response when not in blessed subnets list
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