Released 2020-11-24

Linux SHA256: a1c20c62562e12696037e7a3790a0dc75166a044645dd5627185ea503949facc

Linux md5sum: ce08628e6da744c65165ac7c83b83394

If you're upgrading from 3.x, please see the Release Notes for Open-AudIT v4.0.0 and the associated blog post for Open-AudIT 4.0.0.


If you are upgrading from an earlier Windows release of Open-AudIT you will need to open the file c:\omk\conf\opLicense.nmis (it's a text file) and copy the encrypted string (just the string itself). When you log in to Open-AudIT, you will be offered to obtain a license. Click the button on the lower left to "Restore my License". On the next screen, click the button on the left "Enter a License Key". Paste in the encrypted string and click the "Add License" button. Then click the Open-AudIT entry in the list on the right (to be taken to Open-AudIT).

Apologies for the caveat, we plan to address this in a future release (ASAP).

Windows Users - Technical Note

Prior to Open-AudIT 4.0.1 we configured a Windows Service (omkd / Opmantek) to start Open-AudIT Enterprise. Because of our change in code infrastructure, we can no longer utilize Windows Services. We now supply and configure a Scheduled Task to start Open-AudIT Enterprise at boot. If your application is not responding, from now on restart the "Open-AudIT Start" scheduled task instead of the omkd service. Open the task manager and End, then Run the Open-AudIT Start task.

EnterpriseBugCloudsFix Cloud discovery.
AllImprovementAllNew screenshots and dictionary items.
AllImprovementDiscoveriesUse nmap --version instead of attempting to detect the binary (also shows if it's in the Apache users $PATH).
CommunityImprovementNetworksMake networks::read more resilient (ie, not fail) when we have an address, not a network.
CommunityImprovementAllWhen outputting to a browser, enumerate through the entire response and apply htmlentities so no need for individual attribute escaping the in the templates.
AllImprovementDiscoveriesAdd some Aruba model OIDs.
EnterpriseImprovementAllAdd extra error output (the SQL) when failing to use DB functions.
ProfessionalImprovementDevicesUse better pretty printing JSON on devices::read for cloud instance_options.
EnterpriseBugCollectorsDecommission Collector does not remove Collector from Server (now it does).
EnterpriseImprovementCollectorsDiscovery Scan options not being pushed to Collector (now they are).
ProfessionalBugLocationsFix broken Get Lat/Long button on locations::read template.
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