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This is a brief overview of the major changes between opAddress releases.

opAddress 2.0.1

Bugfix a connection leak issue.

opAddress 2.0.0

This is a maintenance release to bring opAddress compatibility with NMIS 9. opAddress 2.0.0 will not work with NMIS 8.

The GUI has also been updated to reflect the current style of Opmantek applications.

opAddress 1.1.0

This is a maintenance release to provide support for the new Opmantek build system. It was released on 11 Dec 2020.

opAddress 1.0.6

This is a maintenance release which primarily fixes bugs. It was released on 11 Apr 2018.

Please note that the licensing system has been updated, and licenses issued before July 2017 will not work for opAddress 1.0.6: You will have to obtain an updated license for this version of opAddress.
You can check your licenses by visiting the My Licenses page; If unsure about your options, please email


  • Lots of installer improvements and robustness fixes
  • Subnet scans are now more robust and don't terminate on first error.
    If any errors should be encountered they are added to the operational status record.
  • Destructive operations in the GUI now require confirmation.
  • opAddress now automatically purges old operational status and old history entries.
    Configuration options opaddress_opstatus_maxage (default: 1 week) and opaddress_history_maxage (default: 1 year) control the purging behaviour.
  • Various database-related performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes and general robustness improvements

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