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Released 10th December 2019


Pie Charts

opCharts pie chart showing opFlow interface flows

We have introduced a pie chart component which can be used with remote data.

Currently this is used to show flow data from opFlow.

Remote Table Component

Use "page_size": 10, in components top level JSON document change how many documents are requested and shown.

If this is not set it defaults to 15.

If you need to log the request for debug purposes this is done per component.

set "log_request" : true in remote_paramaters. Your omkd log_level will still need to be at log level debug.

Resolved Issues

  • Pie Component and Table Component now show the current selected time period in the title.
  • The authentication option ms-ldaps is now supported.
  • While editing a dashboard and changing its columns count it would fail update to this new value.
  • Event History grid improved responsive for the search box.
  • Updated the logrotate script for systemd
  • Subnet export less noisy when logging

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