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RELEASED February 20th, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed traffic light colors for nodes status showing in the node filter.
  • Fixed multiple issues with RBAC:
    • Now is possible to add a role in NMIS Group Permissions. 
    • RBAC users were not able to click in the node name.
    • RBAC users are able to see node details. 
    • Hide permissions button for RBAC users from Views > Dashboard. 
    • Hide RBAC permissions on Maps. 
  • Interface Selection view now sorts by node name.
  • Interface table now sorts by In and Out Util.
  • Fixed search in Dashboard view. 
  • Fixed bug when trying to show a default dashboard.
  • Fixed issue where you could not search for an interface name in Business Service view. 
  • Fixed Schedule Outage Screen: now it is possible to schedule and Outage (Need NMIS 9.0.10). 
  • Hide menu Items for Collectors and Polling definitions. 
  • This version requires the update to opHA 3.0.7.

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