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In progress March 19th, 2020


  • Added to opcharts-cli new options to clear and update dependancies between nodes: 
    • update-subnet-dependancy
    • clear-all-node-depend
  • Upgrade Cytoscape and Qtip in Opmantek maps. 
  • Display when a node has SNMP disabled. A node has SNMP disable when collect is disabled. 
  • Export node list: Add a help button that indicates the configuration item to modify the exported node fields. 
  • Added new formatter for display Megabits in remote data widget table. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed RBAC features: 
    • If the inventory is enabled, the RBAC user should have full access to all the inventory objects available for the permitted nodes by group.
    • RBAC user cannot search for a group not assigned. 
    • Hide "View in network map" nodes as this link creates a new map and RBAC user is not allowed to create. 
    • Fixed error when assign RBAC permissions in Charts. 
    • Fixed RBC permissions with maps.
    • User with RBAC permissions over a group node was not able to see its interfaces. 
  • API for nodes not paging if the pagination parameter is not defined in the params. 
  • Fixed custom group query, that prevent query the node data properly to aggregate health and response time.
  • Node selector in monitored services was not working properly. 
  • Some graph types were not being visualised.
  • Chart dataset modal window was closable with unsaved changes. 
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