Released 2021-01-06

Linux SHA256: 3c234721f20163d4e3072c283601c751ddbc3721d6ba9d74e713ca95bc8cfa82

Linux md5sum: addf6fd400e6ff59dc61cf7d0a2c74bd

This is a minor update with a few bug fixes and the re-enabling of Open-AudIT / NMIS integration (which had been disabled as at 4.0.0 and NMIS 9).

Don't forget, if you're upgrading from the version 3.x series, checkout Release Notes for Open-AudIT v4.0.0, Release Notes for Open-AudIT v4.0.1 and Open-AudIT 4.0.0.

CommunityBugAllFix template for import CSV POST address.
CommunityImprovementDatabaseExport database table to csv, xml, json now ALWAYS provides the file, instead of trying to be clever and show database_row_count or less in a browser window (template v_database_read).
CommunityImprovementAllDo not fail when bad properties supplied, reject them and throw an error.
CommunityBugAllFixes for XSS issues.
EnterpriseImprovementIntegrationsRe-enable Open-AudIT / NMIS integration.
EnterpriseBugRolesAdd collection names to roles_read template (buildings, floors, rooms, rows).
ProfessionalBugDevicesFix export sub_resource to CSV.
EnterpriseBugWidgetsMake the line chart points links work.
EnterpriseImprovementWidgetsAdd a graph to widgets::read template.
ProfessionalImprovementInstallerRemove php-json from installer pre-req's for Centos 7.
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