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NMIS (Network Management Information System) is an open-source network management system that was first released in 1998. 

NMIS monitors the status and performance of an organization's IT environment, assists in rectification and identification of faults and provides valuable information for IT departments to plan expenditure and IT changes. Additional modules and support provided by Opmantek are available to extend the capabilities of NMIS.

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Table of Contents
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Release Notes

Getting Started

In most topics the NMIS8 documentation will apply to NMIS9. We will call-out areas of differences between the two versions when necessary.


NMIS is available as a stand-alone download or part of the Opmantek Virtual Machine (VM).

View the NMIS product page on


Basic Setup

NMIS Training

Opmantek has training material available for NMIS, this is available in PDF format, and includes a movie which is about an hour long for the NMIS Device Modelling Training.  All this downloadable:

NMIS Information

More information about Opmantek and our products and services available on our website.

Current Versions


Building upon the success of NMIS 8, Opmantek’s NMIS 9 was released in July 2020. 

Some of the enhancements include:

  • open data using MongoDB
  • improved I/O
  • improved scheduling
  • handling a larger node count
  • more responsive interface

Perfect for your Network Engineering needs.

To build Opmantek's Automated Network Management Platform, add the latest commercial modules to leverage and enable access to even more functionality. To list a few: complete scalability through multi-server architecture, centralised node management, complete flexibility, centralized poller configuration management, improved charts, Improved inventory reports, new maps library, JSON APIs and more. All via a single platform.

We're excited to bring this product to you.

And a HAT TIP to all who participated in the beta program - thanks guys!

In-Depth Documentation

Feature Guides

Additional Documentation

Extend NMIS8/9 with Opmantek Modules

  • opFlow - Application level visibility using NetFlow information, providing incredible visibility into bandwidth usage, by user and application.
  • opReports - Expert reporting, with traffic lights and actions.
  • opHA - High availability for NMIS through Primary/Poller and Multi-Primary configurations.
  • opConfig - Automatically track and back up configurations. Compare configurations.
  • opCharts - Modern, dynamic, interactive charting, custom dashboards and a RESTful API for all NMIS data and more. 


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